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Consultation services

We support you in developing a strategic transformation process towards a secure and sustainable energy supply.

We show you the way, at which point in time investments in new technologies make sense. Let us develop a long-term roadmap for your sustainable transformation.

If you think "energy in the system" with us, further potentials towards a sustainable energy supply can be raised.

We create a digital image of your supply infrastructure and perform parameter studies to maximize local renewable generation at the production site, protect your supply against external supply failures or identify overcapacities and save costs.

With us, you develop your industry standard for a safe and sustainable energy supply on a real prototype.

You want to test new supply technologies at a prototypical site and develop an industry standard for your global production? We accompany you in determining loads for individual devices and certify suppliers with you. In addition, we solve technological problems and enable your suppliers to deliver devices according to your requirements.

Develop your energy control system with us, which automatically directs energy flows according to your requirements.

Decide during operation which of your energy sources minimizes costs and use it immediately. Minimize your local carbon dioxide emissions and maximize the self-consumption of your renewable assets. Operate loads flexibly to purchase electricity from the grid at low cost.

Energy flexibility audits (flex audits) are designed to identify and evaluate the flexibility potential of an industrial site. As a first step, the audit creates a catalogue of practical measures towards energy flexibility (EFMn). The second phase of the audit rates and classifies the EFMn concerning its ability to achieve preliminarly established technical and economic goals. At last, the audit develops possible strategies to implement and manage the respective measures.

Competences and Services

  • Identification of the flexibility potential: systematic identification and characterization of the achievable EFMn in the factory and other possible means of aggregation (EFMN catalogue).
  • Evaluative analysis: analysis to evaluate the aptitude of measures towards the achievement of technologically economical goals and the influence of the implementation of EFMn in the factory.
  • Management of the flexibility potential: development of management strategies to best operate energy flexibility and enforce energy cost transparency in every stage of production.

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