Simply not enough

February 27, 2019

Implementing energy efficiency in factories is not difficult – just complicated!

Current efforts in the industrial sector are simply not enough in light of both the drastic climatic changes ahead and vast efficiency potentials sitting around barely touched. All essential ingredients in place, it is more a question on how to trigger decisions for efficiency. This is not in hope for more and more ambitious announcements of goals and targets – these we do have enough!

One, it is terribly tricky for legislators to grasp the needs of somethings such diverse as the industrial sector in terms of its energy productivity potentials; two, what is offered, often doesn’t really meet the needs adequately and is hence not sufficiently leading to action.

What matters now, however, is decisive action. All elements to hand, there is no need to wait for a governance lead. With many mixed messages, political stasis or climate neglecting policies across too many countries it is up to corporate decision makers to say ‘enough’ and to take control over the pace of industrial sectors progress harnessing its energy productivity potentials – this is, at least for now, the economic ones of course! Those that promise increased productivity and competitiveness.

At COP 24, an energy manager said when moving boldly ahead, that there was uncertainty and fear – but that with growing experience transformed into curiosity and confidence.

Implementing energy efficiency in factories is not difficult – just complicated!

Getting a closer idea what can trigger millions of decision makers, to identify and harness their potentials, I suggested to the Energy Efficiency Financial Institutions Group (EEFIG) a working group to jointly gather motivational data to see what triggers decision makers to decide for energy efficiency, to make a choice to invest in energy efficiency across Europe’s cultures.

Deriving from IEA data, a tenfold increase in investments is needed from a global perspective – per annum!

This is why we need to work with industry to understand what it takes to make decision makers INTRINSICALLY believe that implementing efficiency is EASY, SAFE and the OBVIOUS thing to do – to get action done!

No call for lonesome action: learning from peer-experience, enabling each other, gain confidence, do more…  – this is a pathway to address what is core business and known territory to few only – identifying and squeezing out efficiency potentials!

We’re in a race against time – all is at stake – let’s jointly get on with it! Now.

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