The Institute for Energy Efficiency in Production

Our institute


The research focus of the Institute for Energy Efficiency in Production is on reducing energy consumption in manufacturing, for example by using energy-efficient technologies and enabling intelligent control over energy use. Alongside the expansion of renewable energy sources, improving energy efficiency is the second pillar of the energy transition in Germany.

The EEP participates in various panels to provide a basis for decision-making for politics and society. For instance, the EEP is actively involved in the Industrial Energy Efficiency Accelerator Implementation Committee of the UN SE4ALL (Sustainable Energy for all).

In 2012, the EEP was founded as part of the University of Stuttgart in cooperation with Fraunhofer IPA, funded by the 'Karl Schlecht Stiftung' and the 'Heinz und Heide Dürr Stiftung'. In addition to research and teaching, the EEP consults and informs society, politics and business on energy efficiency in production.

Our research areas



Energy-efficient technologies and processes


Energy management and optimization


Industrial smart grids


Urban production



Energy policy, strategy and financing