Energy Efficiency Index

How efficiently does the German industry manufacture goods as far as energy is concerned? Where does my company stand when compared to other businesses and what steps can be taken to strengthen competitiveness in this regard? Together with our partners – Fraunhofer IPA, dem Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie (BDI), der Deutschen Energie-Agentur (dena) und dem TÜV Rheinland – the Institute for Energy Efficiency in Production (EEP) calculates the Energy Efficiency Index of the German industry every six months.

Dr. Marcus Bernards, Managing Director of DEVA-Kunststofftechnik GmbH, describes how his company benefits from  the index: „It really makes sense for us to take part in the Energy Efficiency Index of the EEP, as it gives us an insight into where we stand and where there is room for improvement.“

The Energy Efficiency Barometer of Industry was initiated by members of the Energy Efficiency Financial Institutions Group (EEFIG) and builds on the Energy Efficiency Index of the German Industry. It has the intention to help to unleash action towards increased energy efficiency in industry:

  • Inform companies where they stand and what they can do
  • Inform legislators whether instruments are effective and what type of instrument or framework may be required
  • Enable financial institutions to better assess risks & potentials and indicate which instruments have potential or are missing
  • Assesses the effectiveness/impact of pilot- and development programs and puts them in relation to control-groups

Introducing a general taxonomy requires an „open-source“ approach where objectivity must not be compromised and needs to consist of a „data layer“ and a „service layer“.

The index helps to reduce unknowns, risks and uncertainty in relation to energy efficiency interventions and enables sector-specific cross-country analyses. It equips companies and legislators with insights on how and where to act, and makes financial institutions and service providers aware of feasible projects and required funding mechanisms and services.

Whilst this effort is global, we focus on European and G20 countries. We invite you to support this effort or to become a partner. EEP and its partners aim to secure public and private sector partnership, funding and support to continously improve this data and potential benchmarking tool. This is to ensure representative results of all relevant sectors and countries, to assist and objectively inform the public, private, financial and service sectors about what can be done to accelerate the improvement of industrial energy efficiency.

Use the opportunity to participate in the 1nd Data Collection 2017 for the (international) Energy Efficiency Barometer of Industry.Click here for the Questionnaire
Paricipating only takes a few minutes. The German Survey is closing on 07 May, the International Survey on 30 June 2017.